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The Fraud, Waste and Abuse Form should NOT be used to report the following:

Personnel Grievances (salaries, discrimination, workplace conditions, etc.)...

  • These issues should be reported in accordance with聽, Employee Complaints/Grievances.

Sexual Harassment...

  • Sexual harassment complaints should be reported in accordance with聽, Sexual Harassment/Sexual Abuse.

Complaints against teachers regarding student grades, discipline, or extracurricular participation...

  • These issues should be reported in accordance with聽, Student Rights and Responsibilities: Student and Parent Complaints/Grievances.

Report Fraud, Waste and Abuse

The Board of Trustees and Superintendent of the 极速六合彩 are committed to maintaining public trust and the financial integrity of the District. To this end, internal controls have been implemented to safeguard District assets and to ensure that District funds are spent in strict accordance with Board policy and the annual budget adopted by the Board.

To help safeguard District assets and ensure financial integrity, the Board and Superintendent offer an avenue for reporting suspected financial fraud, waste and abuse. You may report suspected financial fraud, waste, and abuse to the District by completing and submitting the information below. Your report will be submitted directly to the office of the Internal Auditor for review and appropriate investigation.


Theft of District Assets (Property or Money)...

  • Theft of physical assets (office supplies, furniture, equipment, fixtures)
  • Theft/embezzlement of cash and cash equivalents
  • Fraudulent reimbursement for purchases
  • False travel expense claims
  • Payroll fraud
  • Data theft

Misuse of District Assets...

  • Prohibited (non-incidental) use of computers, email/fax capabilities, copy machines, and other office equipment
  • Use of district vehicles for personal use
  • Use of software/software licenses in a way contrary to license agreements

Conflicts of Interest...

  • Having a personal or financial interest in an enterprise doing business with the district
  • Using time or creative energy that compromises the quantity or quality of district work
  • Engaging in activities whereby an employee uses the district name, facilities, equipment or staff for personal benefit

Waste/Abuse of District Resources...

  • Use of company time, employees, supplies, equipment, tools, buildings or other assets for personal benefit
  • Failure to protect district assets from loss, damage, misuse, removal or waste

You may remain anonymous when filing a report, or you may ask that your identity be kept confidential. Keep in mind that it may be more difficult to investigate the allegation if you do not identify yourself in your report, as it may be necessary to ask you for additional information. If you request that your identity remain confidential, the office of the Internal Auditor will disclose your identity only to those individuals assigned to review the complaint.

The more information you can provide, the better chance the office of the Internal Auditor will have of determining whether an illegal act or violation of District policy has been committed.